Open Standard Title for Chase

I am attempting to pull a video off a minidisc and load it on youtube… it’s Chase’s open FAST run. He is such a great border collie. Beautiful. He got 79 out of 80 points… we didn’t get just one jump. However, the buzzer went of just before he got that last jump so his score was 78. He was 7 seconds slower than the first place dog. He got second place. That boy is a bullet and amazing!

In Open Standard he did well, too. He qualified and got his open standard title. So tomorrow he’ll have his first excellent run. No more spending 2 years in Open like I did with Levi. Chase still needs some work but he’s coming along nicely. I did feel like I was pulling him in to me hard, and often. And the courses were not really all that twisty. Nice courses.

His JWW run, which was our first, was a mess. But I think it was me because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind yet.

My agility collie boy Levi did super too. No Qs, but he weaved and had lots of energy and speed. I think I have psychological problems about Qing with him, maybe I need a therapist about it. 🙂 Tatum also did well. She got her first measurement, 20 3/8 inches. Just about what I was thinking. She’ll jump 20 inches and that will be good for her. She slept most of the day, didn’t seem nervous much at all. Only with some people but she got treats and pets on her neck and head and she was good.

All in all it was a good day and as soon as I get a video I’ll edit this post and put it up!

Edit.. here is the video. Please ignore the dumb handler tricks that wasted us those 7 seconds!

I like this place better than YouTube.. maybe. ZippyVideo:

Or YouTube:

26 thoughts on “Open Standard Title for Chase”

  1. woo! Great Run! Nice handling! You should both be proud of that.

    Fuzzy Logic’s last blog post..Who has time?

  2. Hi Rachael, yeah I thought YouTube was a bit grainy too. I need an HD camera. 🙂 I love when Chase and I flow!

  3. Hi Rachael, yeah I thought YouTube was a bit grainy too. I need an HD camera. 🙂 I love when Chase and I flow!

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