I Am Behind!

Ugh.. two days of agility has really made me behind. In blogging, and in life. Yesterday I basically rested up all day, went to bed early. I also burned all the videos to DVD and will be giving them out to my friends who I recorded. I hope to get more vids of Chase and Levi up here too.

The trial was up in Farmington and the drive isn’t bad up there and back. I even drove in the snow on Sunday morning.. I am proud to say. On the freeway! It wasn’t snowing much, just light, and the roads were wet not snow packed or icy. I’m so afraid of driving in weather since my second rollover. I always make sure I get a good auto insurance quote when looking for new insurance because driving freaks me out.

Anyway it was a fun trial and I’m now trying to catch up on things like blogging! I also bought a new camera which I’m excited about! It’s an SLR… ooo watch out for lots of dog pictures!

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