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neobits-webpage I only got a cell phone last year. So that when I went to dog camp in September of 2006 I would be able to talk to my friends and family, and keep in touch with my husband and the rest of the dogs I left behind with him.

Anyway, small businesses also need good phone systems. I would love to get some sort of answering service for Utah Collie Rescue, but it would have to be donated as we really can’t afford it. But for small businesses Talkswitch is a great option, and NeoBits offers this service as well as many, many others. In addition to Talkswitch, Neobits has over 15 brands of phone systems. And they can support from 2 to 250 users.

Some of the brands they have are Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Talkswitch, Allworx, Epygi … though I’m not really familiar with these brands. If I was in a small business, though, I probably would be.

NeoBits has over 3,000 customers around the nation, and they have great reviews and testimonials on their site. So if you are in need of a phone system for your small business, you may want to check them out! They can probably do you a world of good. 🙂

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  1. When I get my Rental business up and going I will for sure check them out. I always did want a secretary and if I get one, I’ll need a way cool phone system cuz of course I will be so busy ! XO

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