Green Dog Seminar!

Touch n Go, the flyball club in Las Vegas giving the seminar in March, just announced they are also having a Puppy / Green Dog seminar on the Friday before! Yay! I sent in my entry fees and I’m going to bring Tatum. Woo Hoo. I’m excited. Not only will Chase get some good instruction, Tatum will too!

And I was all set to leave her home. I am glad she can come with. And I’m especially glad that she gets to be a part of the seminar. I just sent the check off today, they should get it Wednesday, and hopefully we’ll get a working slot. If not, I would audit that class. But I’d rather have a working slot. Tatum will be one of the very few collies in flyball. I think there are only 3 in U-FLI, and not too many more in NAFA.

So now we have to find some good discount hotels Las Vegas style. That, of course, take dogs. Still not sure where the seminar is, yet, but we want to get on it soon because the sooner we book them, the better a price we get.

I’m excited!!!

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