Quiet Before Tatum

We used to have such a quiet house. I could work from home, and the dogs would be mellow and snooze through the day. Waking up in the evening to get dinner, some chew bones, and play. Or training, of course, always training.

But now, with Tatum the Wild Child, there isn’t as much quiet. She will quiet down, but mostly she entices the other dogs to play. They run amok in the yard, run around like maniacs, and bark too, unfortunately for the neighbors.

Angel has a stick outside now, and even Tony is playing with Tatum out back. It’s cold out there, I can feel the cold come in from the dog door. But if I close it, the silly dogs will barrel head first into the closed door and maybe hurt themselves. So a little cold it will be.

Ah… I do love the excitement of Tatum, though. She is such a doll!

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