Too Tired to Think

Dog Camp Sept 2007 It takes me a couple of days to recover from an agility trial. I have decided, no matter how much I don’t feel like it, I am going to start taking the boys jogging again.

Levi did great on Sunday, he should have Q’d both runs and I got mad at the judge for one call.. but he got a Jumpers with Weaves leg and that was good. Man these 10 legs for the MXP and MJP are a long time in coming. And still no double Qs yet.

Today I’m at work and the day is just dragging by. Tomorrow is a short day and I hope to do some blogging catch up then. I actually took yesterday off the computer too and did some dog things, and I need to wash clothes too. Again. Ugh.

This picture is just to remind me of how wonderful, and warm, dog camp was. They had everything there, maybe not kitchen faucets or the kitchen sink, but the food is so good and the weather was so nice. I’m tired of the cold an I’m really ready for spring!

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