Dog Address Labels

I want some new return address labels.. the ones I have at work in my desk have my maiden name on them… so yeah, it’s been almost five years, maybe more, since I bought some. And I don’t know why, but I love return address labels. I like fancy ones with dog pictures and nice text. Even though people just end up throwing them away. I always buy checks with animals on them, too. Go figure.

So Vistaprint is having a sale on their Address Labels. If you use coupon code “BlogAddress75” at checkout, you’ll receive 75% off address labels! That’s a nice savings, and they have some good choices. I do need to get some business cards from them too for Collie Rescue. As I’m going to be putting up a jar at the next Collie Specialty for donations. And cards are nice to have there too.

So off I go to order address labels and business cards and spending more money! Even though I don’t have much money left, entering all the trials I have been. And flyball tournaments too. So many dog things, so little time… and never enough money! But I can put my new address labels on my envelopes!

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