Touch n Go Flyball Seminar in Vegas!

Well, we leave tomorrow! Yay! I am so excited. Chase is too.. it’s been too long since he’s done flyball. Too much snow on the ground around here. And Tatum.. well, she’s going to the Green Dog portion and hopefully she will have fun, too. She may be nervous for a while but we’ll see how it goes. It’s going to be a great test for her.

Me and some of the members of my flyball team, Thunder Paws… we are renting a townhouse and so we will have fun evenings with wine and beer and song… okay well maybe not song, but videos for sure. I’m packing up dog videos that we can watch for entertainment.

The driving situation is all worked out, so we hope. I do hope that all my junk and a team mate’s junk fits in my Outback. And three dogs. We might have to send some of the junk down with another teammate in her car instead.

Anyway.. I don’t know if I’ll have internet access from Vegas or not. I’ll have my laptop with, but if I don’t have internet I’ll have to save the pictures and info for when I get back.

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