Settling Back Into Home

Well, being home is nice. Believe you me. I do love trips, and sometimes one the way home I don’t want the trip to end.. but now that I am here at home on the couch with my regular pack, I am very happy to be home and to be relaxing.

We made it home pretty fast, the rear spoilers on the car might have helped… if we had one, which we didn’t. The Husband’s car has one not my Outback. 🙂 Anyway, six hours from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City Utah is pretty darn good, I think. It was about the same amount of time going down.

So this week we get some rest. Then Saturday I’m going to practice Obedience with Chase and Levi and Tatum, then Sunday it looks like we get to do some flyball practice to incorporate the things we learned at the tournament. I need to get Muffit on a touch stick… I am still not quite awake enough to do that, maybe tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Settling Back Into Home”

  1. wow, 6 hours is speedy! and take a break girl! you keep going and going and going, like the Energizer bunny, heeheehee

    Christina’s last blog post..cookies and donuts

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