Pics from DOCNA trial

Me and Chase Okay so I managed to get off my rear and get the camera and load the pictures onto my laptop, and then onto flickr. Hey that sounds like a lot of work.. well, it is for me since I’m so dead tired! LOL.

Levi I didn’t take these pictures until after I tore down most of the setup and put the collies away. Chase was still out because he ran the very last course, beginners jumpers, and so he got to wait a little bit longer.

Tatum I wanted to get some pictures of the dogs with their ribbons but I had packed them all up and didn’t want to get them out anymore. I get so tired at the trials that, toward the end, I just want to sit around and be a vegetable. Now I need some walk in tubs in my house so I can just climb in and have a nice hot, relaxing bath!

Chase Chase is sitting very nicely by his crate. I remember when I first starting bringing him to trials, I wouldn’t trust his down stay at all. But now, he is doing really well. So when Tatum is goofy and doesn’t have a stay I just have to remember that all my dogs start out without a stay… and then the get one. Stay is so important!

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