The Husband’s Birthday!

Today is my husband’s birthday. I’m glad he doesn’t want to go out to dinner, becuase I am beat after doing the DOCNA agility trial all weekend. I’ll post about that in a bit… but I do have to post about my husband’s birthday!

Sometimes I actually get him a couple Birthday Cards, because I love cards. And I love getting paper cards, they are so nice, because they send a nice thought, and these cards let you customize them for a company with your logo, or a custom verse, to make it special for anyone you want to give them too. So maybe I will get this card birthdays, as I love balloons. And not only is it his birthday today, it was our five year wedding anniversary yesterday! I’m thrilled that we have made it five years and I’m excited that we are still quite happy.

I also like to get personalized birthday cards online. I like it when someone thinks about me and takes the time to send one. And these guys really make personalizing the cards easy. And I do so love easy! And they have a great selection too.

Anyway… off of birthdays and back to dogs in a bit!

5 thoughts on “The Husband’s Birthday!”

  1. Oh Crumbs! I knew we forgot something! Give him a big hug and a happy B-Day from S and I. XOXOXOX and hey, isnt your anniversary around here somewhere too….? Happy Anniversary too then ! XOXOXOX

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