Trials are Expensive

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of money entering dog trials… agility and flyball. And next, I’m going to start entering obedience as well, with Levi. Chase isn’t ready yet but Levi is almost ready and this summer he gets to go into the obedience ring.

I’m really excited for obedience! It’s fun, and challenging! Oh but anyway I was going to say how it can just get expensive. I am a budget nut.. I have almost every dime of my income budgeted out. Of course sometimes I exceed this and dip into the savings account I have built up… but I’ve not yet had to have my credit cards carry over from month to month. I hate interest, and so I don’t pay it!

I think people really need to learn to spend within their means. Companies like IVA can help you stay out of debt and avoid bankruptcy. As long as we don’t have an emergency we need to pay for, we are doing well. Though trialing and training my dogs does cost a lot… it’s worth every penny.

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