Walks and Things

Took the pups for a walk today.. just a short one, and around the block, at lunch, from work… it was so nice outside! Makes me think of making sure we are secure in our lives… and how we may need insurance claim consultants one day to ensure that.

I am always worried about the safety of not only myself and my husband, but also about my dogs. Unlike kids… our society is not set up to keep our dogs safe in the event of a disaster. Usually shelters will not take them… and we have, yes, six, that we need to care for.

So if our house is destroyed we need to get every penny we can out of our insurance. And getting an insurance adjuster would help us do that. Regular insurance company adjusters will give you what they can, but sometimes an independent adjuster will give you what you need.

We could live in our trailer for a while if we don’t have our house. As long as it doesn’t get squashed. The most likely disaster that would hit us would be an earthquake. And, hopefully, it wouldn’t happen in the middle of the winter. Also, our house is brick, so it’ll just crumble on top of us if we do have an earthquake.

So, we all want to be safe! 🙂

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  1. Sometimes you get to think of things like insurance, when you walk the dog. I also do the same thing. Insurance is really important in my opinion. I’m getting a life insurance just in case something happens to me. We never know what tomorrow brings.

    xels last blog post..Strong Earthquake Hits LA (Los Angeles) California

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