Flyball Tourney

Well, this weekend Chase, Tatum and me are going to St. George Utah for a U-FLI Flyball tournament. Should be fun… going to be a lot of work with long days, but it’s a blast and Chase loves it. He’s even running in singles and doubles as well as teams, to see how he does.

Tatum is coming for the ride and now that she is a seasoned traveller (since I took her to Las Vegas for the flyball seminar) she no longer gets to stay home and be a house dog. Out and about she goes!

I wont need any exercise equipment to help me lose weight this weekend. I’ll be tired and on my feet most of the days.

I hope my back holds out… maybe the hotel mattress will feel better than my home mattresses. Though tonight, I swear, I’m sleeping on the soft couch.

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