We Three are Tired

Oh boy.. the tournement is over. We had an awesome time. Chase did great, as usual. He ran fast and clean and got more points. His team broke out twice.. which is really cool and I’ll explain it later. Okay maybe it’s not that cool because we don’t get points for that run, but it was nice to run so fast. And after we had to slow our passes down and determine what speed we needed to run to still win but not break out a third time.

Tatum also did good today, she played with a few dogs and pooped and peed. Just one poop a day but that is better than none. Two pees a day and that is better than one! She is going to be a great collie doing flyball! She is still shy but when she gets used to being at tournaments she’ll be fine. This was her first flyball tournament she came to socialize in, and he had her tail up a lot of the time and was exploring. Though she did get spooked some too.

I’m tired… had a margarita to drink and now I’ve toast. But it was yummy. Going to go to bed and sleep in tomorrow, then drive home whenever after I wake up. Zzzzzz Chase and Tatum are already asleep.

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