Dogs on the Radio

I sometimes listen to podcasts about dogs… which is fun. It’s like listening to dogs on the radio… and recently I went and bought a high definition radio. I liked the idea of being able to get substations in addition to the regular stations I listen to.

And in addition to getting an HD radio, I’ve been looking into iTunes Tagging. iTunes is so easy to use… and if you hear a song you like, if you have a Tagging enabled iTunes machine, you can tag it and then you can remember it in the future!

And if you don’t know of any new radio stations in your area, you can check this link out and find some. I like that my old regular Public Radio station has an HD broadcast now! They need to have more dog shows! I have heard some local dog stories on my public radio, but not enough. I emailed them a while ago to do a story on a local dog park, but they didn’t end up doing it. Hrmph. They should have!

8 thoughts on “Dogs on the Radio”

  1. There’s a radio station somewhere for dogs, And, I believe, for cats. maybe budgies as well.
    But can I find it?

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  2. I cant find that station,maybe its closed?

    but I found this s

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