In Colorado

Woo Hoo in Colorado! We are sitting at a Starbucks getting some free internet access and having an iced coffee. The weather is awesome, which is good, because it’s been snowy and cold the last few days.

Agility was great. I am amazed at how well a three ring, three judge trial ran. We were done by 2 or 3 pm each day. When we left some rings were still going, but since we are in Excellent we left pretty early. And even the other rings were done pretty quick.

Today is our day off and we went to Boulder and took the dogs on a hike. I’ll get up some pictures when I get home.

We have been shopping for gifts in boulder, got some birthday presents, maybe I’ll get some birthday invitations if I find some nice ones!

Gonna head back home now for a bit (to our friend’s home) and take a nap! I’ll blog later!

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