Home Again

Whew… I’m home. It was a long drive. I’m not crazy about such a long drive from Colorado… and yet I’m going to do it again when I go to a USDAA agility trial with Chase in May. I didn’t even bring my golf bags because it was too cold to golf!

I got home about 7pm last night. I slept in a bit this morning then came in to work. It was a fun trip, though. Levi only got one Q and Chase didn’t get any. I am going to start running them in separate venues to see if that is easier on my brain. We’ll see.

I’ll be getting back to posting and dropping Entrecards in a bit. I do have to work a bit first, though.

6 thoughts on “Home Again”

  1. Welcome back!! Sounds like a great time, but I know it’s always good to get home… ๐Ÿ˜€

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