Levi Watching for a Squirrel

Levi in Colorado Colorado was a lot of fun. I love going to new cities and learning about them, the layout, where I’m staying, etc. I like getting out of Utah, even though Utah really is a beautiful state.

We stayed with a friend, and she had squirrels in her back yard. Levi and Chase, both, really wanted to get those darn squirrels. This picture of Levi is of him looking up into the tree to find that squirrel. 🙂

Levi did good at agility.. but after the first run he stopped weaving for me. I was bummed because he had some good runs. On the second run he slammed into the weaves pretty hard, maybe he hurt himself, or else he freaked himself out. Either way… each of the remaining runs were not good… at least the weaves. The rest of the runs were good! 🙂

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