Sore Feet and Happy Hearts

Three Of Six Back from camping! I am sitting here watching TV and all six of the dogs are sleeping. Yay! Tired dogs are happy dogs!

We had a great time. Not having any office space Connecticut style… and not needing an office! We loved being outdoors. It was much too windy, and much too cold. Last night we blankets and coats on the dogs, and sweat shirts. It was getting down to 17 degrees and we ran out of propane, so we no longer had the heater to keep us warm. But we managed through and snuggled with the dogs and we were okay.

All the dogs’ feet are sore. Chase is limping quite a bit, so is Muffit. Lucy and Angel are doing okay but they are getting a bit old, but they had fun. Levi did pretty well too, though he’s not as young as he used to be. And Tatum did so well. She stuck around, and was hardly nervous at all! I was thrilled. And she wore her pink sweater, I’ll post that picture later on. 🙂

I am tired, have to go back to work tomorrow… I’d rather have stayed a few more days camping, though. It was just getting nice and warm when we left. 🙂

I hope to get some more pictures up in the next few days, they take a while to get through and organize onto flickr. And I’m tired, time for bed soon!

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