Levi Camping

Levi Since my husband hassled me that I hadn’t uploaded any pictures of my favorite Levi boy.. here is one! Yes yes, I do take a ton of pictures of Tatum. She is just so pretty! How can I resist!

Tatum I mean look at her pose. She is so fancy. She sticks her chest out and lifts her head up and is so proud of herself. 🙂 Yeah yeah, I like pretty dogs. I also like cute dogs and silly dogs… but pretty dogs are just so darn photogenic!

And I do adore my new camera, too. I get good pictures of all the dogs. I guess I should take some scenery pics or something, eh? LOL.

3 thoughts on “Levi Camping”

  1. naw, dog pics are good. scenery gets boring, heeheehee, as you can see at my recent post. what is it you ask…? boring desert scenery or course 🙂

    Chris’s last blog post..relax, enjoy the view

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