Spring in Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas. I go there a lot.. since I live fairly close. There were a couple of years I didn’t go, in a row, but lately I have been down there a lot again. I don’t mind. It’s a 7 hour drive one way, which isn’t too bad. Okay.. it’s not too good, either. Probably I can do it in about six hours, really, if Levi doesn’t whine too much on the way down. 🙂

Last spring, April, I was there for a four day agility trial with just Levi. And a friend and her Sheltie. It was great! Levi got one of his titles.. now I don’t remember if it was his standard or his jumpers. AXP or AJP. I’m so proud of him! He is such a good boy in agility. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas, I love going there. Not just dog things! And not just gambling. I love to go, and I’m not a gambler. Someday I’d love to do sightseeing tours in Las Vegas, get a real good history of the place. I have been to the Dam, that is a lot of fun, too. I wonder if Trusted Tours & Attractions does Dam tours! I bet they do! If I use their newsletter sign-up page maybe I’ll find out! And for those who sign up, you will have a chance to win a Handheld GPS! Cool!

Maybe eventually I’ll get further from Salt Lake than Vegas, and get some San Diego zoo tickets, too. I have never been, and have always wanted to go.

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