Verve Earth

I found a fun new blog thing to do! Yeah I know.. I’m finding a lot. 🙂 But this one looks pretty neat. It’s called Verve Earth.

You can go in and map your blog location, put in a little description of your blog, and find other blogs nearby you. Or in other places of the world you may be interested in. I put this blog in.. and I just might put Luna Tail in there, too. Though we are, of course, in the same location. I wonder if I can list more than one blog… that would be nice. Or maybe there’s not really a point to that!

If you click on the image in this post… it will take you right to my own page. And I have the same image in my sidebar, a bit down on the right side. I didn’t put up a picture of myself.. I used Tatum, she doesn’t need any acne treatment… she looks so pretty!

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