Better on Sunday

Wyatt Well Sunday was a much better day. It brings new meaning to making life comfortable for one’s self. However, I didn’t really need to. The weather, which I have no control over, was better so I wasn’t freezing and wind blown. I’d gotten a good night sleep, and drugged up on Ibuprophin and so my back felt better, too.

Chase would have Q’d in Jumpers but I lost my way after about 8 jumps, and he took an off course. The run felt really good, though, which is very nice. I had a friend run him in Standard, which was fun to watch. 🙂 And then he did Q in Snooker! Yay. Our only Q this weekend. But you know, Saturday doesn’t even count as an agility day, it was so darn miserable. Some people told me they thought I wasn’t going to come back Sunday! But I got right back up on that horse and was better.

I brought my collie boy Levi with, too. And he cheers me up as well. He got to run in the fields with Tatum, Chase, and our friends dogs. I hope to get some more pictures up. This is Wyatt, he’s a corgi that I took a picture of! Was fun to sit by the ring and snap some pics on Sunday. I ran out of memory for my camera on Sunday, dangit! I even had both cards with me. But I hadn’t deleted the pics on one… next time I’ll remember to do so. 🙂

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  1. You got a Q! We only got one this past weekend too. Must be something in the air! Glad it was a better day.

    Johanns last blog post..Now we can fly the way we should be flying!

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