A Day at Agility Makes Tired Dogs

Levi SleepsWell, I took three dogs to agility today. Levi, who ran two runs and did great! I’ll get a video of him posted after I rip it off my DVD camcorder and upload it to YouTube. I was very proud of him. He did great both runs today and weaved on his Jumpers course, the first run. Got the entry, all the polls, and Qd! I was thrilled. He’s such a good boy. He did his think, on his standard run, where he got the entry but then skipped the next poll. I’ll show you in the videos in my next post. I didn’t see any other collies run, Levi was the only agility collie again!

Muffit Sleeps Muffit did really well, too! He is such a good boy. I think I’m getting a handle on what I need to do with him. We’ve only had him for three months, so even though he’s five years old (about) he’s had rotten training… well, no training, and so I’ll need to fix him. He does need to be exposed to the environments, but I do want to keep him under threshold. Where my tent is at the trial, we are far enough away so he can be quiet in his covered crate. And when I take him out, I can walk far from the other dogs, and wait until he gives me some attention. Then lots of treats and praise. And no rewarding hyper or frantic behavior. I think we will be getting a good handle on this soon. Someday I’ll take him with to some cheap hotels when we go travel. Now Muffit is happily sleeping next to me on the couch, he is very tired!

Tatum Sleeps And then, of course, there was Tatum. She is my baby doll princess girl. She is also dead tired. She did great again today, even more confident. We did some mat work by the agility ring. We went inside to where they were doing conformation and obedience. She was a little shy and nervous towards the end of the day when she was getting tired, but in the morning she leapt out of the car and was excited for the day.

It was a good trial, the courses were hard, but okay. The weather was actually fairly warm… not too windy. Got a bit cold once in a while, but was okay. Hopefully it won’t rain or snow tomorrow, dangit. It usually is nasty weather at this trial, so since it’s not raining or snowing or blowing freezing cold wind is just a good thing!

One more day tomorrow. I’ll see about Levi’s weaves again, maybe he’ll get one more!

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