Answering Services for the Dogs

I have been known to do the occasional collie rescue here in Utah. I do love the collies, and have four of my own. All smoothies. And when I was more involved in rescue, I thought it’d be great to have an Answering Service that would help take calls for when people call and they are interested in adopting a collie or two. 🙂

Answering Services can come in super handy. There are some that work with rescues, and if you have multiple people doing rescue in your group, they can all access the messages and make call backs when people call in. There are costs involved, though, so the rescues would need the time and service donated in order for it to really be affordable.

MAP Communications provides a great answering service, and can help out in lots of ways. I don’t know if they work with rescues, but maybe they do. I should go and check it out. Because it just never hurts to ask!

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