Performance I Snooker Title

Chase and Tatum in the Fun Bus Well the USDAA trial in Colorado was fun. I had a great time. Chase and Tatum, as you can see, got to ride in the back of the Fun Bus. The crates are attached and there are four of them. And more crates stack on the top. It can carry about 8 people, but not quite that many when there are as many dogs. But it’s a nice setup, for sure!

Chase did great at the trial, too. He got his PK1 title, which is his Snooker Title in the Performance Class. I have him in Performance because I don’t really want him to jump 26″, which is what he’d jump in the regular. He’s 21.5″ at the shoulder, and the cut off is 21″. He’s just a half inch too tall. He jumps 20″ in AKC, and 26″ is, I think, a big difference. Maybe someday I’ll train him up to that height but… not sure if I want to take the time.

So anyway… Chase did great. He got a Pairs Leg on Saturday, thanks to a great partner named Ollie. And he also got his Snooker leg on Sunday. He would have had some more but… of course, me the Mum screwed up. The Standard leg on Sunday, I stopped at the end of the course and he knocked the last bar, looking back at me. Doh! Other than that it was a good run.

Chase now has the 3 PI snooker legs (and title), one Standard leg, and one pairs leg. I’m excited for June when we, hopefully, will get some more legs!

Both the Steeplechase and Grand Prix (both the Performance versions, I forget what they are called) were a lot of fun too and Chase did really well. We had a couple of off courses, though, so we didn’t qualify. But I am still learning to run him. I’ll probably always be learning to run him.

I had some great coaching and confidence building from the people I was there with, and I appreciate it greatly! I don’t think they even know how much it helped. I do lack confidence and I think I have an attitude where I’ll never really succeed… and I need to get rid of that and get a more successful frame of mind. Chase is a great, fast dog and he has a lot of potential!

He did tunnel suck a couple times, but that is a training issue and we will be working on that. I have a tunnel and weaves and some jumps, so I’ll be breaking those out in the yard and practicing, too.

I have some more pictures, just of us, not really of the trial, but I’ll get them up in a while. Now.. I’m tired, and it’s time to veg and watch TV. 😉

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