We Are Back from CO

Well, Chase, Tatum and I are back from doing USDAA in Colorado. I’ll post more about it later and get some pictures up after I get them off the camera. USDAA is complicated but I’m starting to figure it out, and will understand more as I go up in the levels.

Tatum got pretty stressed and wandered off through one of the courses! Dangit! A friend had his dog at the start line, though, and he was understanding thank goodness! Tatum was looking for her crate, and went into Scaredey Dog Mode and wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. But she followed me to our crating area and went right into her crate so that was good. 🙂

The drive was much too long… 10 hours. Even if it had been 7 or 8 it still would have been long and tiring. I’m not going to travel again until June, and that’s to St George Utah, only four hours away, for flyball. It’ll be nice to just be home for a while!

Chase got to swim, and got some legs, and I’ll post about them in a bit!

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