Marley the Springer

Marley Well, Thursday before we went to Colorado for the USDAA trial in Brighton, Colorado… I got an email from Springer Rescue saying they needed a transport for a Springer to his new home in Boulder, Colorado.

Marley And fortunately the driver of the Fun Bus is a Springer guy! He has two of his own. And we were able to get Mr Marley fit into the Fun Bus so we could take him with to his forever home in Colorado.

Marley was a bit nervous at first, and he really missed his foster Mom when she dropped him off at our house on Thursday night, but he was a trooper and when we got to the trial site he was doing really well, curious, and hardly seemed nervous. He was such a good boy. As soon as he was in our house, I feel in love with him. Such a sweet and handsome boy!

So now he is in his new home in Boulder, and I’m very happy for him! I’m glad we could help out.. and we didn’t even need any Phentermine 37.5 mg to keep us going on our trip. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Marley the Springer”

  1. He is a cute Marley but I wouldn’t trade my Marley for anything!

    What a beautiful springer!!

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