Tatum’s Stressors

Tatum Just wanted to make a bit of a list of the things that seem to stress Tatum out… hopefully with time, and work, this list will get less and less. When she is very stressed she wont take treats, and if she is semi stressed she won’t pay attention to toys. Only when she’s very comfortable and happy will she play with toys.


  • New Places – Though the more new places we go, the less nervous she is in them.
  • Strange Noises – The more strange noises she experiences, the better she is at excepting new ones.
  • Being Tired – The more tired she gets (from activity or learning) the more stressed she gets.
  • Being Restrained – Like many dogs, she does not like to be restrained and it frightens her.
  • Collar Grab – She does not like her collar grabbed or to be pulled with a collar. We are working on the collar becuase all dogs need to be collar touched once in a while. But we don’t pull her. No reason, she is small enough to guide or herd along or carry.

Signs of Stress:

  • Tail – A tail is such an excellent way to read a dog. I feel sorry for dogs that don’t have them… When Tatum is happy and excited, her tail is high and almost over her back. The more excited, the more erect. The more stressed and unsure she is, the lower it goes. When she is completely overwhelmed, it’s sucked under her tummy.
  • Treats – She won’t take treats if she is highly stressed.
  • Toys / Play – She will not take a toy or play if she is stressed.
  • Gait – When she is stressed she will not run… she will only trot or walk. If she gets away from me and is afraid, she will trot around looking for her crate.
  • Facial Expression – You probably have to know her pretty well, but her facial expression will change to look worried and frightened if she is stressed.

She’s fairly easy to read if you know what you are looking for… she is a doll, and cute in her pink coat don’t you think? LOL… anyway,

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