Stick a Fork in Tatum… She’s Done

Just a quick post… it’s been a big weekend for Tatum. Yesterday we had a private lesson with our obedience instructor near a dog park. Tatum was frustrated that she couldn’t go play with the dogs. I want her to focus on me instead. And it was a new place, and she was nervous and did her nervous trot. Afterwards we came home and she slept most of the afternoon.

Today I worked with her in the back yard doing crate games, and some running to a target, and touching her collar while she sad. To put some pressure on her. She did really well. Then I took her, Chase and Levi to my parent’s house for some dinner in the back yard. The weather is so nice! I love it warm, finally! And Tatum was nervous again… but she did okay and was happy that Chase and Levi were there, and all three of them ran around and played for a while.

Then Tatum, Chase and Levi went to flyball. We just got home and it’s after 10pm here. Tatum got to try some jumps but she was nervous again… and tired. As being tired is one of her stressors. But she got some good treats from teammates and she ate them, which is a good sign.

Now we are home. She had a big couple of days, and she’s tired and grumpy. So we can stick a fork in her, because she’s done, and sleeping. It’s been a big, good weekend for her. She needs a bit of stress so she can learn to deal with it. And she will, she already has done amazingly well!

So I’m tired now, and it’s time for bed!

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  1. Gads Flo I know! It ended up not being quiet at all. Maybe the next weekend I have off will be more quiet.. that's not for a bit, though.

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