No Cancer in Lucy

Well, we took Lucy to the vet on Monday and had her re-xrayed to see if the stuff in her lungs has changed at all. Well, the good news is that there was no change in the xrays!

So the vet is fairly certain that, instead of cancer, she has calcification of the lungs. They said that if it were cancer, even a slow growing type, that there would be some change. And there was no change at all.

When I left the vet it was like a weight off my chest. A weight I didn’t even know I’d been carrying around for some months. I am so excited! Yay! Lucy is okay!

Of course she is still 9 years old, so we watch her health pretty closely. But this is great news! And she is acting the same as she has been for months. So we are very happy for sweet Goosey Lucy!

Now I need to get more blogging done, using our used cisco that we got off ebay!

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