No Weaving for Levi

Ugh… doing AKC this weekend, AKC agility with my goofy collie boy Levi. And I entered Chase today and tomorrow. Chase did really well. His FAST run was beautiful, except that he fell off the dog walk. I think he was going to fast. But also, many of the dogs fell off, so something was going on with that darn dog walk. Chase is in excellent FAST and he tunnel sucks… the send was the dog walk, then he had to turn away from me to hit the tunnel. Well, he is a tunnel suck so it was perfect for him! But alas.. since he fell off, he didn’t get the send. But I did send him to that tunnel and he hit it perfect and I didn’t step over the line, either. LOL goof ball.

Levi isn’t weaving again. I actually wish I could pull him out of the June AKC agility trial. But it’s too late. He’s such a good boy, he knows how to weave, but we’ve always had weave problems and so they come back now and again. I need to work them, we haven’t all winter. And I need a good set of weaves. I have a recommendation from a guy who makes them in Idaho, so I’m hoping to get some from him pretty soon.

Other than that Levi is running great. Though today he had a bug, or something, and he stopped to itch on course and had a couple of refusals too, the dork. 🙂 Oh well, it was a non-run. I even had on my designer jewelry, the necklace I got of Tatum… dangit I need to post a picture of that! It’s very gorgeous.. I hoped it would give me some good luck but… perhaps now. No Qs for us yet this weekend. One more day tomorrow!

After we went to dinner with some new friends from Colorado. They were all very nice! I gave then this blog address so maybe they will come visit and drop a hello in the comments!

I’m super tired now… going to bed!

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