Training Plans

Kiwi First off… this is Kiwi. Isn’t he a doll? I love Kiwi, he lives with a friend of mine from Colorado. This is just a lucky shot, I do think. The weather was bad and there was so much going on this weekend I didn’t get many pictures taken. I needed some shower chairs because I was sitting in a rain shower all day Monday. But it sure was pretty. 🙂

Anyway so I have to have a training plan for Levi and Chase in agility. I need to fix Levi’s weaves up again… which I am confident I can do. He’s already in the June trial, but I don’t know if I’ll enter him in July or not. It depends what I can do with him in the next couple of weeks. And my obedience instructor (who also helps me with agility) has some ideas too, I get to hear them tomorrow as we are going to go to the practice field and try them out. Levi would, seriously, Q every run if he would weave!

And Chase… Chase has a couple of problems I need to work. Well, actually, three. For the first time he broke his start line stay this weekend. On a couple of runs. So we need to work that. We also need to work weaving into a tunnel, he’ll pop his weaves to get into that tunnel. And we have to work contacts. These things are all pretty cut and dried. And doing this, I’m pretty darn sure we’ll start doing better too! I am really starting to figure out how to handle him. How much to push and pull, and really I have to figure it out on the fly, in the ring, because I just never know how energetic, and bratty, he’s gonna be in any particular day.

Too much fun. Work gets in the way!

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