Weaves, Articles, Money, Oh My

Well, it’s a three paycheck month for me, which is super nice. Plus I get some oncall pay this coming check, too. So… I’m going to be buying some extra agility and obedience equipment.

I am going to invest in a nice competition set of weaves. Metal base and all. And I think I’m also going to get some 2x2s for training. Mostly Tatum. And they are good to have and will last just about forever.

Also… I’m going to buy some articles for obedience. Scent articles, because me and the dogs need a good set! Plus, I’d love to start doing scent work with Levi with a good set. So much to do, so little time.

And if I have any money left over, I’m going to get some swimwear for my cruise in the fall.. however, I need to drop a few pounds first!

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