Mini A-Frame and Tatum

Tatum on the Mini A Frame Okay so today I only have to work 2 hours, from home, because it’s a holiday week and I get 8 of my 40 as the holiday. Woot. So I brought Tatum out back and we did some work on the little A-Frame my husband and I built a couple of years ago. Doesn’t she look cute? First I laid it on the ground flat, because it’ll do that, and got her on it with clicks and treats. She thinks walking on things is great fun and is eager to do it. Her first couple attempts were not too straight, but we will be working on that. Gotta get her lined up straight and early and two on two off right from the get to. Foundation work is so important!

Tatum Learing 2o2o After she was getting on it with confidence and gusto, I held her back on the other side of the frame and said “Ready…” and then let her go, and off she went! And she was pretty fast too, for her first time. No slowing her down! We want speed speed speed for this collie girl’s agility. 🙂

So four our foundation work, we really want speed on the A-Frame, while we have control at the same time. And a good solid 2 On 2 Off. Yeah… I’m going to do the 2o2o method, because I think it’s so very clear for the dogs to learn and adhere too. I know Tatum’s back isn’t all that flexible for her to be posed like that, but I think she’ll be okay.

We also did some jumps to the target, which was fun. And I know I know, I need to practice handling her on the flat. Having her watch my body language. And eye contact. We are working on eye contact in the mornings before work a lot. And I need to trim her goofy long nails, so now at dinner all the time I’m feeding her and handling her feet.

So much to do! I hope she’s not 10 by the time I get it all done! 😉

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