Flyball Demo Today

chase box Today Chase, Tatum and I went and did a flyball demo with the Thunder Paws, our flyball team here in Utah. It was a lot of fun! Chase did a great job, and we even recruited someone to take some pictures while Chase was running! I usually am taking the pictures and so I don’t get any of Chase. So I’m excited to have these of Chase doing flyball.

He is such a good boy, and so very fast! We went to Strut Your Mutt.. which was okay, but my dogs don’t usually do very well there. Tatum didn’t like the loud music. She didn’t want to take treats, either. But we walked around some and when the loud music stopped she was okay and took treats. And she liked the Bearded Collie who we met who wanted to play with Tatum!

Chase only snarked at a couple of dogs that got in his face when we were walking around. Unfortunately many people don’t understand that other dogs may not be all that friendly, even when their own dogs are friendly. Chase is a good boy, though, and I usually watch him and control him pretty well. And we didn’t walk around too much. I did get lucky with him, though.. he is a good boy, the sounds didn’t bother him, and he loved the flyball and Course A Lure. He also did the little agility field they had set up, and his contacts were great! I’m glad when I can practice his contacts!

chase jumps And I do like to get Tatum out as much as I can to get her socialized. Poor dear. Her tail was sucked under her a bit, but she was very brave. Oh, and I have to post about her agility obstacle training last night! She did great, I was so excited! That’s for a post of it’s own, though. Tonight I’m going to a movie with a friend, hopefully I won’t eat too much popcorn… but I do need some time without the dogs. As strange as that is! I do love them all, though!

Tomorrow, Sunday, I actually have no dog things planned. Plus, it’s a down day for me. I haven’t had a down day in like six weeks. So tomorrow is it. I’m sorry to everyone who I said no to about doing things, but I really do need to take some time for myself! I might take the border collies jogging, though. In the morning. It’s so nice outside. I love being outside. Maybe I’ll even do some yard work.. or clean the bathroom. Even though I don’t really like cleaning the house, I like having a clean house… and sometimes I just enjoy being in the house and experiencing it. And cleaning it up works for that. LOL

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