A Dog’s Identity

Dogs have it lucky in a way.. they are dogs, and humans don’t really want to be dogs (well okay, some of us toy with the idea sometimes lol). But dogs are usually just happy with who they are, and don’t want to be another dog, either.

Humans, on the other hand, have many reasons to steal another person’s identity. Usually it’s money. They want to steal your credit score or credit card information so they can get to your money. Isn’t it nice that dogs don’t care about money?

A company called lifelock might be able to help us humans so we don’t have our identity stolen. I sure need all my money for my dog habit!

3 thoughts on “A Dog’s Identity”

  1. Yeah… Imagine if our dogs bothered us with our money… Imagine if they also wanted allowances… Its really nice that dogs are just dogs… Maybe that’s why their such a man’s bestfriend…

  2. I think it’s amazing how dogs are just so happy to live in the moment. They have so much to teach us about accepting ourselves for who we are. I’ve been reading this really cool book about Max, an Airedale Terrier and the life lessons his human family learned from having him in their lives.

  3. true enough… They don’t steal our identities, but my dog still makes me crazy.Only with family dog training I learned some dog training techniques that helped me train my dog.

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