Jogging Makes Border Collies Tired

Boys Jogging So, I want to get back into jogging. I wish I could take three or four dogs jogging, but when leashed on the streets I can only take two. This morning I took Chase and Muffit jogging and they loved it. Chase knows my jogging shoes and gets excited when I get them out. Muffit doesn’t know them… yet, but I’m sure he will soon.

I don’t think Muffit has been this tired since we went camping! He is fairly high energy, and he does need more exercise. I’m realizing I can train three dogs… two is better, though. But four is really taxing my time and Muffit is not getting as much training as he needs. Well, I guess he may not be one of my big competition dogs, I still want to train him up for flyball, though. He is starting to get it in the back yard… the box, and he likes it!

So this picture was from my new cell camera phone. It’s not that great quality, but it’s nice being able to take a really small camera with me everywhere, and a phone too!

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