Agility Practice Tonight

I took Levi and Chase out in the drizzle tonight and we had a great time. There was a Steeplechase course set up at a friend’s yard and we went and tried it out! It wasn’t a very hard one, I will admit… but it was fun. Chase did a great job. That boy runs like the wind, I swear. He did great, watched me, stopped on his A-Frame contacts, and even called off a tunnel, which is very hard for him! He’s not entered this weekend in the AKC agility trial, but I love getting opportunities like this to work him on a full course.

Levi did great, too. I think we have a plan for his weaves this weekend. I need to collect him, and firmly send him into the weaves. When I did that he was getting the entry every time. So we’ll see how he does this weekend. And I shouldn’t be nervous, and I need not think that getting his MXP and MJP are like getting a gold metal at the Olympics or something. Heck, it’s just agility and it’s just for fun! 🙂 So we are gonna give it a good try and maybe we’ll get him some Qs this weekend. We have a three day agility trial, Friday Saturday and Sunday.

And I do know how to lose weight… I took the border collies jogging this morning again, I just have to stick with it! And I think I have the motivation to do so. Though, of course, I have to work it around agility trials, flyball tournaments, and training.. oh yeah, and work.

So Levi, my sweet smooth collie boy, and I are going to do agility this weekend. OH!!! And Levi is also in Obedience! He’s in Novice B all three days! I figure worst thing that can happen is he doesn’t Q any of the days. Best thing… he gets all 3 and gets his CD! We’ll see!

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