Levi Obedience Leg Two

Levi is such a good boy! We worked his halts yesterday a bit, and again this morning, before going in the ring and he did a little bit better. Except for on the figure 8 he didn’t sit at either halt. But that’s okay, he doesn’t really know it, and my obedience instructor says he probably is thinking he’s in the show ring again and standing pretty in that ring!


He got a 182.5 on this run, a better score than yesterday, and I was happier with his heeling too. Novice is so much heeling… it’s almost a heeling test with a couple of extras (stand for exam and recall) thrown in. It’s going to be really fun to do open with him once we get out of novice and he gets his CD! My collie boy with a CD, I’ll be so proud!

Maybe when I retire we’ll have to do the show circuit… Levi might be too old then… dangit, but I’ll probably have Tatum and Chase and maybe a new dog too. I’ll have to find some Los Angeles jobs to pay the bills then!

10 thoughts on “Levi Obedience Leg Two”

  1. Thanks Pacco! Levi did get his CD today woo hoo! I would love for him to get a CDX and UD as well!

  2. I love Levi. He is such a handsome boy and seems like he has just a wonderful personality. His agility and obedience videos are a joy to watch. Oh and your obedience videographer’s commentary was terrific! : -D

    Lisas last blog post..

  3. Thanks Lisa! Levi is a sweet goofball. I need to video him rolling on his back being silly!

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