WW – The Dog Bed

Lucy in her bed

This is Lucy in her bed. Lucy lives with my friend Marie and isn’t she a pretty girl? She fits perfectly in this bed!

Levi the Goof

Well Levi saw Lucy in her bed, and really wanted to fit in it too! I swear he stood in that bed for a good ten minutes trying to figure out how to fit. LOL.

Wordless Wednesday June 11, 2008

25 thoughts on “WW – The Dog Bed”

  1. Awwww…. I think he look so adorable standing there. I can’t decide though if he feel sorry for himself or if he thinks that you should feeel sorry for him. Or maybe it’s both.

    Dogs are sooo much fun. I love dogs, but have only had one before, for 14,5 years. It was a thrill, every day with him. When I was a teenager I used to “dog-sit” other dogs and decided to get one as soon as I grew up. which I did.

    I can’t have dogs now because we travel much. Well, every thing has it’s own time πŸ™‚

    Lifecruisers last blog post..WWhich icecream do you order?

  2. Hi Lifecruiser thanks for your visit and your comment! My Levi is such a silly boy. πŸ™‚ It’s hard to have dogs when you travel, it’s good to know you are being responsible about it!

  3. LOL you and your puppies… πŸ˜‰ Levi usually lays on the couch, which is pretty big for him!

  4. Hey Cyn,

    Lucy says that Levi needs to come for another visit. She’ll even let him have the bed again. LOL

    Maries last blog post..ItÒ€ℒs About Time

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