Traveling with or without the Dogs

I travel a lot with my dogs. In fact, I travel more with my dogs than without my dogs. We usually have to find hotels that will take dogs which, really, hasn’t been too difficult. And it’s nice to see other dogs in the hotels where people pick up poop and take good care of their dogs so that we can keep going back.

Sometimes, though, it’s kinda nice to travel without the dogs. It’s strange, of course, not having them to take care of. But even parents need a break from their kids once in a while, don’t they?

So I’m checking out Branson vacations and what they offer. I have never been to Missouri and would love to go there sometime. I would love to go to Silver Dollar City, it’s a theme park that takes you back in time. And they have rides and shows and shops… and I do love shops! Though usually I look for something to shop for for the dogs. 🙂

There are some great places to stay, condos and hotels. And I’m not even going to look to see if they take dogs, because the dogs won’t be coming!

Their package deals are very reasonable… hrm… maybe I have enough miles to get there with a flight… not sure, but I’m gonna look. 🙂

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