Too Much Going On

Chase in the Hotel This spring has been hard on my physical well being… I do wish I didn’t have to work, then I could rest up and train on the weekends. Spring around here is packed to overflowing with dog sport competitions… agility mostly. This coming weekend I have a USDAA trial and then I don’t have another agility trial for about two weeks.

However, I’m burning out. I walk around my messy house and overgrown yard and think I really need to have some time at home to take care of my house. If I were my husband, I’d be mad at me. He is patient though and doesn’t much mind. But I think I have to stay home the next couple of weekends because I really do have to take care of the house and do some training with the dogs, instead of competing.

Fortunately my car is doing fine and I don’t need any car parts at the moment.  But the house is a mess. I was hoping to go to Richfield weekend after next to do some dog things, but I think I really should stay home and tend to my neglected house and husband. 🙂

I’m still dead tired from the flyball tournament last weekend. Well, no longer dead, I think, but still pretty darn tired.  I need to rest up and take care of myself instead of competing myself into the ground. I’m gonna get sick if I keep it up. And I don’t want to get sick!

10 thoughts on “Too Much Going On”

  1. That’s a darling pic of Chase!

    Take care of yourself Cyn!! Tournaments are rough and I always need a week to recover. Not sure how I would handle trial after trial after trial then flyball then another trial!!

    Hope you will find some time to rest!!

    Christys last blog post..On our way!

  2. Its so hard to gauge when its too much. I can tell you, after being sick for 10 days, you DONT want to get sick. House and Yard work is such a drag… I need to do mine today too. At least you dont have teenage boys leaving messes in their wake.

    Take care of yourself this weekend, get some of that pesky house work done, sleep in and reassess for next week. xx hugs xx

  3. You know I’d love to have you come down here next weekend, but believe me…I totally understand you needing some time at home. Rest up, and we’ll get together another time. 🙂

    Maries last blog post..Rogue’s Progress Report #2

  4. understand ur situation there.

    although there’s not many trials here… but whenever there is one.. it will keep me knock-out for few days…

    oh, and i doesn’t need to do house chores…. phew! mostly just clean up after my dog mess

    paccos last blog post..In Remembrance of Bank

  5. Hi Christy! I really thought flyball would be less work than agility, boy was I wrong! 14 hours on my feet just on Saturday really did take me out. Ugh! Fun though!

  6. There is no way flyball is less for your or your dog than agility. If a dog runs a full tournament that’s 40 plus runs a day!! That’s a lot of running for both you and your dog!!

    Christys last blog post..Stitches Out!!

  7. Hi Marie… ugh, I want to come down but I’m thinking I need a couple weekends at home! 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Hey Christy.. yeah, it is much harder on the dog than agility is. I was just hoping I could stand in one place and let the dog run so it wouldn’t be so hard on me! boy was I wrong lol!

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