Timing the Gamble

When I do agility, there is a class called Gamblers that is a lot of fun. You have to run your dog around and get as many obstacles as you can, and each obstacle is worth a certain number of points. You want as many points as you can get in the time they give you, which is usually 25 seconds. Then when the buzzer goes off after 25 seconds, you have to do a certain sequence of obstacles, that is called the gamble.

When I walk the course I use my watch to see how long it’ll take me and Chase to get as many obstacles as we can before the buzzer goes off. For this, of course, I need a nice new watch! And I’ve been looking at Citizen watches because they are oh so nice!

Plus, they have Unstoppable Ambassadors, currently, on their website and their accomplishments… very cool and interesting. My favorite is Nicole Vaidisova.. my friend at work plays tennis, and so I have a soft spot for tennis. And Nicole started young, and started winning titles before she was 17 years old! Wow!

And I love the watch she is featuring, too… sleek, pretty, and it would be a nice addition to my agility outfit!

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