What to do about Lucy

Lucy Girl Lately Lucy has been having some problems. We don’t think she has cancer…. well, the vet doesn’t think so, anyway. Which is good. She probably has calcification of the lungs. Which, really, shouldn’t affect her life.

But the last week or so she has been eating and drinking, and then throwing it right back up. Not all of it… some stays down, or she eats it again, as dogs will do. And she has been pooping, though it’s been very small.

We took her to the vet last week and they think she could have a partial blockage. That girl will eat anything, dangit. But if it’s partial, then some food is getting through, and she’s not loosing a lot of weight so that’s good. We had xrays done, and they couldn’t see anything. But last night after giving her a little kibble (she’s been on white rice and canned for a few days) she had a bad bout of hacking stuff up again. And it’s so hard for me to sleep when she is throwing up! I feel bad putting her out of the bedroom, but I don’t know what else to do and I feel so helpless I can’t help her in any way.

So my husband called the vet back and scheduled an ultrasound. So hopefully if there is something in there, they’ll find it, and be able to take it out.

My husband is running low on money, too, and he hasn’t been able to find a job yet. So this is not a good time financially for us for this to happen. But we’ll work it out. I do wish I could put the dogs on my health insurance!

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  1. Dealing with a sick dog is the hardest thing in the world for me. My children when they were small could at least give me some indication of where the problem was, but dogs depend on us so totally. Giving food a “second chance” to become nutrition might seem totally gross to us but the dog’s body is built to handle this.

    Prayers for you, your husband and Lucy.

  2. Hi Jan… yeah, I so wish they could tell us what was going on. I would not want to be a vet, it would be such a difficult guessing game!

  3. Thanks Christy, we still dont know what time the ultrasound will be, but probably in the next couple days. Ugh!

  4. Awww poor Lucy. I hope they will be able to find out whats wrong with her. I know
    it must be so tough on your and your husband. Especially with money being so tight.
    I will be thinking about Lucy. I will be back to see whats happening with Lucy.

    Keep the Faith!

  5. Poor baby… I hate when dogs are sick… and collies are so stoic, they’ll never tell you if something hurts. Is her heart okay?

    Probably not the same thing, but my dachshund once ate a paper towel. Same throwing up food then eating it and it would stay down, coughing. Nothing on the xray but before we could go further she hacked it up. I was… surprised, to say the least!

    pams last blog post..Paging Dr. Feelgood

  6. Heart goes out to you. We are having a couple of issues in our house as well. Our dogs are getting old and they are beginning to experience the symptoms that come with age. ~Larry

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