Two Cans of Food in Lucy

Well, us humans and Lucy are doing okay!  I am very happy to say that we got two whole cans of food down her yesterday. Not all at once, of course.  I threw a can in the blender, then one can of water, and blended it up nice and smooth. Then throughout the day I fed her 1/2 cup of the mix at a time.  I’m so glad it was a Saturday so I could be home with her all day.  My husband has been doing so much, running her back and forth to the vet, taking care of her, and going through all that stress that I wanted to take over this weekend and do all I can for her.

She has an enlarged esophagus and the food is getting stuck in there, and the point where her esophagus goes into her stomach (I forget what it’s called) is small, and so the food is not getting through. But the very watery mixture seems to be going through okay. She did regurgitate a little bit last night before bed, I probably bed her too much at once and didn’t keep her upright long enough afterwords. And she regurgitated a little bit this morning before I got up. But this morning is also so far so good. And my timer is going off, saying it’s time to give her a bit more food!  Dealing with her Megaesophagus is not fun.

Her poop, today, was better. It was bigger, and a bit more solid. So that means the food is going through her okay and coming out the other end. Yay! We love our Lucy collie girl, and will do whatever it takes to keep her healthy and happy. Then we can all check out some Orlando vacations to bring the dogs on!

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  1. Some owners of dogs with megaoesophagus teach the dogs to eat whilst in the ‘sit’ or ‘begging’ position. It stretches the oesophagus so that food going down goes straight onto the sphincter at the opening of hte stomach, and less accumulates in hte oesophagus itself. Your dogs are pretty clever, you might be able to convince Lucy to take food while she’s sitting upright.

    Keep persevering!

    Feroxs last blog post..Veterinary Anaesthesia

  2. thanks Doc Ferox! We have tried this a little bit.. Lucy is actually pretty good about it. She’s obedience trained and so is pretty good at learning new ‘tricks’. I think we have to keep her upright longer, though, as she’s still regurgitating some. I do worry that she’ll get some in her lungs… but other than that I think we are getting the hang of it. Thanks for your advice too we need all we can get right now!

  3. Glad to hear you all isolated the issue. Glad to to hear she is holding some of it down and her poop is solid.
    Continuing to keep paws crossed

  4. Glad to hear Lucy is doing better!!

    I hate to see my dogs or cat sick. It can seriously ruin my day, and makes me feel helpless. Sounds like you are doing a great job though..

  5. Hi to you and Lucy! i have a border collie cross Lab female called Giesha. SHe is like my child and has been diagnosed with megasoesophagus and myasthenia gravis. she is only 2 years old. you havent written any comments since June about Lucy, so i was wondering how she is doing? I love my dog so much that i cant bear the thought of her suffocating in bed next to me (as some websites have indicated can happen)I need to be fair to her and i want her to have a quality life. So if its not going to be possible i will have to consider putting her down….Please tell me how Lucy is doing so that i know if there is hope or not.

    p.s i do feed her from a height which does help keep her food down (most times)but her hind legs are weak and shaky so she cant stand up which makes lifting her up even harder.

    regards and thanks for sharing your story about Lucy.

    please email me on if you get a chance.

    1. Hi Michelle nice to meet you! I do have more posts about Lucy’s megaE… follow here:


      Oh your Giesha is much too young to suffer from this! I’m so sorry. There is a lot of information out there about MegaE now.. a yahoo group and a ning community too. Having a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis is actually kinda nice… Lucy was tested for that and it was negative, so we have no idea why she has it.

      Your Giesha has a great deal of hope! If you can build her a Bailey’s Chair, it makes feeding a lot easier. I worry about Lucy choking too, but so far so good, when she regurgitates it comes up clean and none has gotten into her windpipe as of yet, and we hope it never will. That is what we worry about the most.

      Feel free to email me back!

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