Sweet Boy Tony

Tony FuzzyI adore Tony. πŸ™‚ I just do. He is so sweet and loving. A goofy collie boy. It’s fun to have him back. He’s settling in just fine, almost like he was never gone. He hasn’t changed a bit. When we got him last September he was so needy and desperate for attention. I’m very happy to say he’s not like that now, so he’s gotten some good lovin’s at the home that tried to keep him.

I brushed him out a bit today. I actually feel kinda bad for the family who tried their best to keep him. When I brush him I keep a hand on his collar, and he just does not like to be brushed. He’ll snark and growl and threaten to bite me. He does sound really mean, looks really mean. But I don’t let him get away with it. When he does it I stop what I’m doing and give him a sharp “uh uh!” and we make eye contact and he huffs at me. If he was going to bite me he had ample opportunity and he didn’t do it. He’s all bark but no bite. πŸ™‚

But many people who are new to dogs or just don’t understand them don’t know what he’s doing. I am more careful when he does it, too, because I probably am hurting him a bit. He’s got a really thick nice coat. We’ll get him all brushed out over the next few days. And I just love my Mars Coat King Stripper! It’s awesome. I like it way better than a Furminator. It hooks and pulls out the undercoat and does a great job.

Tony Brushed

So here is Tony with much of his coat brushed out. We probably have at least that much more to come out, maybe twice that. We’ll get it all! We do it in short sessions so he doesn’t get too grumpy about it! After I am done he runs around the yard like a goof ball, he sooo hates being brushed!

With all that running we won’t need to read a Fenphedra review, we have enough calories burned off!

19 thoughts on “Sweet Boy Tony”

  1. What a handsome FURella! Thanks fur visiting me on BlueToy Day!

    Maybe woo need to chekhk out this place for brushes

    We are khonvinced they are MAJIKH for none of that ‘minded’ getting brushed fuss much anymore! It almost puts us into a trance!


    Khyras last blog post..BlueToy Wednesday

  2. Hi Khrya! Those brushes do look nice… I’m very picky on the brushes I like. The smooth collie coats do take some good brushing, and the cheap pet* brushes don’t work on them at all. I like nice pin brushes or the stripper!

  3. Aw… I remember Tony.. I’m sorry his home didn’t work out… that’s wonderful that you know how to understand what he’s telling you.

    Fuzzy Logics last blog post..DiamondÒ€¦ er.. Water Dogs.

  4. That is the strangest thing I ever heard. All my dogs LOVE to be brushed.
    I am going to check out your tip on the stripper. My anatolian suffers so badly in the summer and we could brush him until the world looks level and not get it all. He gets hot spots on his face! πŸ™

    We have three dogs and I would love to have 20. I totally understand what you are saying about the growling bit. After watching “The Dog Whisperer” all I do is ssssssshhht noise at my dogs when they are doing something wrong and they will stop in their tracks!

    He is a miracle worker.

    Love your blog!

    Julies last blog post..July 4th Contestant’s

  5. Hi Lindsay… I think his barking issue is mainly when the other dogs bark. He’s not barking much at all… so he probably lost the habit where he was. Unfortunately as our dogs bark, his will probably come back! lol

  6. LOL Lora maybe! When I look at his face I think he could have something else mixed in there. His thick fuzzy coat and his face don’t seem too collie.

  7. Hi Julie thanks for your visit! I’ve had many dogs through our house who hate to be brushed. The fosters… with bad experiences. I’m sure Tony is the same. He blows coat like mad and needs to be brushed. He probably has had little experience with it, and what he’s had has been bad. He’s a good boy, though, and he’s toughing through it. πŸ™‚

    I am not a fan of Cesar Milan… I prefer Victoria Stillwell! Though we do us the ‘akh’ noise.. dang, how do you spell that anyway? LOL.

  8. First of all, he’s gorgeous! Secondly, thanks so much for the link to the stripper. I almost bought a Furminator last week, but now I’m glad I didn’t!

  9. Hi Nona! LOL our dogs tend to do the circle thing, too. Levi is the funniest… he doesn’t like to be brushed, but he gets jealous when the other dogs get brushed!

  10. i wonder were u using FurMinator to brush him?

    we tried that and it manage to offload loads of fur from Pacco, who is pretty much a furless dog

    oh yeah, my dog doesn’t like being brushed either, if someone else beside me try to comb her, she will BITE…. no chance for groomers

    paccos last blog post..Malaysia 3rd Dog Olympic Day 2008

  11. Oh my – and I thought my lab had a shedding problem. Thankfully our gal loves to be raked and combed. I can’t imagine removing that much fur if the dog hated the process.

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