Angel in 2002

Angel Brace 2002 I don’t post nearly enough about Angel, our sweet smooth blue rescue collie girl. She came to us in March of 2002 and she was stinky right out of the shelter, and skinny as heck, and had a broken front leg.

I’ve been going through and organizing my old photos and found this one of her. I’m not sure of the date but it’s probably March or April 2002. She’s been with us for six years now, she will always have a bit of a limp, but she’s so much more confidence and happy now!

We called her Frankenpuppy because she had pins in her leg and the big metal brace, here covered in blue wrap. She was so stinky we had to wrap her leg up in plastic and give her a bath! Now she is clean and happy and a joy, and her nickname is Pumpkin Pie. 🙂 I don’t know why she’s a Pumpkin Pie!

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  1. Hello,

    I really enjoyed your post on Angel. I have a border collie mix who I adopted from a shelter and now we’re learning flyball.

    I’m marking you as a Blog Catalog friend and I’m joining your neighborhood. If you would like to check out my blog then maybe you will want to reciprocate. Happy Blogging!

    Superflyballgirls last blog post..My Family Tree

  2. i alwiz complain my dog stinks…but the way u describe angel, it must be few times more lol..

    hope angel stays happy, healthy and CLEAN forever….

  3. I want to see more of Angel. Aww, she sounds like a cutie. Funny the shelter didn’t try to clean her up for you. Maybe they did and she was just THAT stinky. Poor girl.

  4. Hi flytball girl! Nice to meet you, I love your dog she is so cute! Flyball is so much fun, we have practice tomorrow morning early, to try to beat the heat.

  5. Hi Lindsay. Shelters around here do not clean up the dogs. When we got Chase, fresh out of the shelter, he was covered in feces and he’d been in there for about three days. Muffit was also a mess, dirty and he got sicker the longer he stayed there. It’s very sad. Angel’s leg was broken very badly.. the vet had to rebreak it and reset it, it had started to heal wrong. And the shelter didn’t know she was a collie… the collie rescue lady at the time spotted her and identified her as a smooth collie. Poor Angel.

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