The Collie Cam is Back and Better!

Woo Hoo! I finally set up the webcam again. After all the server changes and such. The image you see here is the actual image on the cam. If it’s closed, you’ll see an image saying it’s closed. If it’s open, you’ll see the real image with no message.

Click Here for the Collie Cam!

However, it won’t really be open until Monday! 🙂 I may let it run some this weekend, but when we are home we really don’t like it to snap us and so we usually let it snap pictures when it’s off.

There is also now a guestbook on the page where you can sign and leave a comment. And it’s protected by Akismet for spam protection. It’s a free little guestbook script I found.

My favorite part is the archives gallery! It’s a lightbox type photo gallery called MiniShowcase. And it’s free too! It’s perfect for my cam archives!

Click Here for the webcam archives.

I’ve set up a little cron job on my server to upload the Cam is Closed image every day at 5:30 pm Mountain Time.

I’m excited about the web cam being back and being better! Though maybe it could use some Shirley of Hollywood lighting!

3 thoughts on “The Collie Cam is Back and Better!”

  1. Cool! I keep thinking that I’d like to install a camera in the kennel for the boarding dogs. Maybe one of these days!

  2. Oh that’s a great idea! My cam is really old now… it’s from 2002. But it’s still a good one. 🙂

  3. I would LOVE to see what my dogs are up to in our backyard during the day… they’re always running around digging holes and chasing animals and since my husband never watches them, it’d be so fun to see them play without an audience!

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